Tekniska Museet »Polhem«


Tekniska museet is a state owned museum in Stockholm, with its focus on technique and technical history. On commission by designer Sara Szyber, PJADAD created an exhibition on Swedish 17th century scientist Christopher Polhem. The exhibition was titled “Back to the Future”.


Our work required an extensive amount of research and for the exhibition, we were inspired to mimic the systematic discipline of the mechanical alphabet in outlining the displays. Applying the linearity and simple chronology of the subject matter to the exhibition highlighted how aspects of Polhem’s life and work were intertwined, making it easy to explore for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. With our work on the exhibit, we wanted to honor the scientist and his groundbreaking contributions to science and technology.


Photo: Monika Lundholm

»Christopher Polhem – Back to the Future«, entrance

Every color represents a chapter in the life of Christopher Polhem

Exhibition poster

The situation in Sweden around 1700

Interactive sculpture by Martin Christensen

»Machina Nova«


Wallpaper, Drawings from Carl Cronstedts sketchbook from 1729

Wallpaper, Drawings from Carl Cronstedts sketchbook from 1729

»Machina Nova«

»The Quote Machine«