»Collaborative Cooking«


By PJADAD, Christian Isberg, Carl Berglöf and Lasse Korsgaard.


What if food was more about experimentation and less about tradition? And what if new technology was used to vitalise cooking instead of just simplifying the process and replacing the craftsmanship? Can new experiments change the way we look upon food? And can interactivity be the spark that enlightens the evolution of food?


Collaborative cooking is a project and experiment initiated by two creatives, a programmer and a chef. Together they have developed a physical platform in the shape of a cooking machine, a machine linked with a digital platform. It all began with a question asked to one of Sweden’s top chefs.


– Do you always have to taste your own food?


– Not as long as I have cooked it myself, he replied.


This answer raised a lot of new questions. Can chefs cook together without direct communication? And what if all actions in the cooking process are direct reactions to other chef’s decisions?


Slowly the thoughts materialised into a machine. Vast experiments resulted in six unique functions and the ability to use a variety of ingredients. The complete cooking machine allows five chefs to perform slow cooking together. They control the 35 ingredients, heat and stirring, different ingredients and perform the actual cooking process together. The digital platform allows them to cook from a distance and simultaneous engage in a digital discussion about food and cooking.


When someone performs an action, a lamp is lit and a small receipt is printed. This creates an archive of actions that is stored both physically and digitally. The reason is simple – the chefs and everyone else should be able to follow the process. A cooking session will go on for 10 to 20 hours. The result will be a documented discussion about food but also a dish ready to serve.




Photo: Henrik Petersson

Film: Eleonore Andersson

Machine and control box

Machine, left side

Spice rack

Base holders

Control box

Liquid system

Base holders

Base holders

Spice rack

Spice rack

Liquid tanks


Heat controller