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IKEA Smart lighting

Together with IKEA creative hub, PJADAD did the conceptualization and art direction for the new IKEA smart lightning gobal launch campaign and the TRÅDLÖS collection. The work contains a number of still lives and images explaining the innovation, the collection and the new product’s contribution to life at home. We also made three films, produced by Naive, that bring life to the collection and highlight the importance of smart lighting at home.


Film production: Naive
Photographer: Gustav Almestål
Copywriter: Marcus Dunberg



The PJADAD studio at Blekingegatan 16 is not an ordinary office. It is also home to a fully functioning restaurant kitchen. For the kitchen, PJADAD and the recently graduated design student Ludwig Matsson has developed an architectural structure working as a platform for working, eating and drinking. The structure is based on a basic shape, a cube. A structure that can be extended in order to add new ambitions or functions. The questions surrounding the project has revolved around the choice of either standing firm as a concept or letting aesthetic formulas rule the process, leading to a continuous dialogue during the construction.

Matklubb is a concept inviting twelve people to twelve very different dinner experiences. Matklubb was created by PJADAD and the art producers Bohm Bohm Room. Instead of being just another concept restaurant or food club, Matklubb is all about creating something new and unexpected. To question why we eat and what a dinner experience really should be like. It is about merging the knowledge of chefs with other influences and competences. Each experience is the result of as a collaboration between a chef and an artist. Together they plan the menu, cook and curate the evening. Since early spring 2016, we have seen dancers, fashion designers and performance artists working together with some of Sweden’s best chefs. This has resulted in food presented and percieved in new ways and in very interesting discussions highlighting everything from gender equallity to the future of food.



Art direction by PJADAD for ads in the 2017 IKEA catalogue. The purpose of the ads was to highlight one single product on an entire catalogue page. To stand out conceptually as well as aesthetically from the rest of the publication and also work as an ad in itself. We also wanted to add some drama and humor to the catalogue.


IKEA Democratic design day

PJADAD was part of a team that cooperated to develop IKEA’s annual press day ”Democratic Design Day”, a day for the company to present new designs, directions, and ideas for the future. PJADAD’s task was above all to build an identity and a space where the content would come together. The structure was designed to make the content clear, and giving it its proper place in a larger context.



We developed a new identity for the tech company Iterocon. A company that produce technology and electronic connectors for the industrial sector and that needed a new identity in phase with their strong focus on the actual products and all the smart solutions they allow.


Strange Beast

Strange Beast is a British agency, which represents PJADAD internationally. We work with Strange Beast because of their sustainable visions of creativity, and because of the way they bring together the most exceptional creative minds, and constantly question and investigate the way for creative agencies to work in the future. During the spring of 2015 we have been at work creating Strange Beast’s new identity and website, the concept of which is intended to project the principle of curating, to be symbolized by a new version of the c/o abbreviation.



PJADAD was part of a team that was entrusted with developing #IKEAtemporary, a transient exhibition, shop, and food studio in Milan. Our job was to create a concept for a plan that encompassed all the various elements of the event, and to be responsible for the creative direction of communication, content, and programming.


IKEA Fashion

PJADAD were creative directors for an event that was part of programming content for #IKEAtemporary. Martin Bergström launched a collection, Svärtan, and Katie Eary another one, Giltlig for IKEA. Together with Noc who produced the event we launched the two new collections through a fashion show – a show that ended the Milano Fashion Week highlighting the contemporary collections on site as well as being broadcasted live online. Chamdin & Stöhr produced the film.

Film by Chamdin & Stöhr


Atelier Food

Atelier Food was, at the same time a discussion platform, a laboratory for innovation, and a lunch restaurant in the centre of Stockholm. Atelier Food saw the kitchen as the new university, a meeting point where chefs, artists, architects, among other, could come together to investigate and take on the challenges of our society with food as the common ground. We created a dynamic identity that could easily be adapted and envelop different aspects of the process, make it comprehensible, and communicate the results.


Atelier food still life

Atelier Foods identity is different tools that support the process. Atelier Food is all about crosspollination of influences. The still life was a co-operation between an AD, a chef and a photographer. It was an invitation to a workshop on urban development but also an invitation to the actual concept – an illustration of how it works and an invitation to participate in the ongoing process.