IKEA »PS 2012«


The goal of IKEA PS 2012 was to launch the current collection, and at the same time revive and draw attention to the concept of democratic design. We wanted to open the company’s eyes to design, and let more extern influences into the home decor process; what it is, and what it could be.


The result was a global campaign in two parts; on the one hand making reference to the company’s history, on the other starting a new chapter of the same. A chapter in which the customer’s creativity and interest in design was integrated. Each piece of furniture’s story was begun by IKEA, narrating the unique design process, and then picked up and continued by customers who documented the piece in the context of their own homes.


Photo: Fredrik Ödman (Interiors)

Photo: Kristian Krebs (Products)

Production: Kokokaka

Camera design: Teenage Engineering

Client: IKEA Communication

»IKEA PS 2012«, collection

Close up

»IKEA Knäppa«, cardboard camera, Front

»IKEA Knäppa«, cardboard camera, Back

»IKEA Knäppa«, USB connection

»IKEA Knäppa«, Jesper Kouthoofd, Teenage Engineering

»IKEA PS At Home«, user generated microsite, »IKEA.com«, Industrial storytelling

Product images, industrial, stool, lamp

Product image, industrial, vase

Product images, industrial, textiles, plates

Product image, industrial, candlestick

Product image, industrial, sofa

Product image, industrial, chest of drawers

»IKEA PS At Home«, textile pattern

»IKEA PS At Home«, bowls

»IKEA PS At Home«, lamp

»IKEA PS At Home«, stool

»IKEA PS At Home«, sofa

»IKEA PS At Home«, candlestick